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 【名称】 虎符

 【规格】 一对 直径;9.8厘米 重;116.2克

 【类别】 杂项

 tigerpair of diameters; 9.8 cm; 116.2 g






 he tiger sign was used by the ancient emperor to mobilize his troops. It was made of bronze or gold into a sign in the shape of a tiger. It was split into two parts, one half of which was given to the general and the other half was kept by the emperor. Only when two tiger symbols are used together, the holder gains the right to deploy.

 虎符为中国古代帝王授予臣属兵权和调发军队的信物。铜制、虎形、分左右两半,有子母口可以相合。右符留存中央,左符在将领之手。王若派人前往调动军队,就需带上右符,持符验合,军将才能听命而动,军队不执行执皇帝金符节者行兵令,除皇帝亲临现场调兵。它盛行于战国、秦、汉时期。但历史上也有很多没有虎符而成功发兵的情况,尤其是西汉前期的藩国最为猖獗,刘邦灭诸异姓王后制定的藩国须有汉朝虎符才能发兵的制度对藩王们的兵权限制作用甚小。例如西汉吕太后死后齐王刘襄的起兵叛乱[1] ,汉文帝时济北王刘兴居的起兵叛乱[2] ,以及汉景帝时吴楚七国之乱[3] ,养兵练兵者皆为藩王,故藩王们都能轻松发兵。传世的有秦新郭虎符等

 ufu was a token of military power granted by the ancient Chinese emperors. Bronze, tiger - shaped, left and right halves, son and mother can meet. The right character remains in the center, the left character in the general's hand. If wang sent people to mobilize the army, you need to take the right sign, hold the sign test, the army will be able to obey orders and move, the army does not carry out the emperor's gold symbol of the military order, except the emperor personally on the scene to transfer soldiers. It prevailed in the warring states, qin and han dynasties. However, there were many successful military campaigns without hufu, especially in the early western han dynasty when the vassal state was the most rampant. For example, after the death of empress dowager lu of the western han dynasty, king liu xiang of the state of qi revolted, king liu xingju of the north of ji of emperor wen of the han dynasty revolted, and the seven kingdoms of wu and chu of the reign of emperor jing of the han dynasty revolted. Qin xin guo hufu and so on

 虎符在古代战争中曾发挥了重要的作用,也发生了很多与其相关的故事。《史记》中记载,战国时期的公元前257年,秦国发兵围困赵国国都邯郸,赵平原君因夫人为魏信陵君之姊,乃求援于魏王及信陵君,魏王使老将晋鄙率10万军队救援赵国,但晋鄙畏惧秦国的强大,又命令驻军观望。魏国公子信陵君无忌为了驰援邯郸,遂与魏王夫人如姬密谋,使如姬在魏王卧室内窃得虎符,并以此虎符夺取了晋鄙的军队,大破秦兵,救了赵国。郭沫若先生曾经选取这一题材创作了著名话剧《虎符》的剧本,由北京人民艺术剧院演出。在《三国演义》第五十一回中,曹操因赤壁之战兵败北退,诸葛亮则趁南郡空虚,命勇将赵云夺城成功,并且俘获守将陈矫,取得虎符,然后以此虎符诈调荆州守军出救南郡,趁势又由张飞袭取了荆州,接着再用同样的方法调出襄阳守军,乘机由关羽袭取了襄阳。诸葛亮仅凭一个小小的虎符,便将曹兵调开,兵不血刃就夺取了三处城池,而耗费许多钱粮、兵马的东吴周瑜却一无所获,如何不生气?由此也可见当时虎符作用之大。fu played an important role in ancient wars, and there are many stories about it. According to historical records, in 257 BC during the warring states period, the state of qin sent troops to besige handan, the capital of the state of zhao. Lord pingyuan of zhao asked the king of wei and Lord xinling for help because his wife was the sister of Lord xinling of wei. In order to help handan, Lord wuji, prince xinling of the prince of wei, conspired with lady ruji of the king of wei to steal tiger charm in the bedroom of the king of wei. Mr. Guo moruo once chose this theme to create the script of the famous drama tiger, which was performed by Beijing people's art theater. In the romance of The Three Kingdoms the fiftieth time, cao cao because of lost the battle of red cliff soldiers retreated, ZhuGeLiangZe emptiness, while south county life yong taken city zhaoyun success, and capture ShouJiang handsomer Chen, roller, and then to extract the jingzhou roller defenders out save south county, try again by zhang fei July jingzhou, then bring up with the same method xiangyang garrison, flight by guan yu July xiangyang. Zhuge liang moved cao's troops away with only a small charm of a tiger. Without blood, he captured three cities, while zhou yu, who spent a lot of money, grain and soldiers, found nothing. How could he not be angry? This also shows the great role of tiger at that time.


 n history, the shape, number, inscription and seniority of the tiger also have a lot of big changes. From the han dynasty to the sui dynasty, hufu are made of copper, and the right is the statue. In sui dynasty, it was changed to linfu. Because the tang dynasty taboo tiger, use fish or rabbit symbol, and later use turtle symbol. Tiger charm was restored in the southern song dynasty. The yuan dynasty used the tiger head brand, later evolved into a bronze medal. Have historical value and collect investment value



 The collection will be auctioned in dubai on June 22